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How Much Will It Cost?

​The costs of starting an OGME program include resident salaries and benefits, faculty salaries, malpractice insurance for residents, certain capital and equipment costs, and accreditation fees and a fee to join an Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institution (OPTI). An OPTI is the academic sponsor of each osteopathic GME program.

Osteopathic graduate medical education is provided by teaching faculty and support personnel consistent with the size and composition of the OGME program. The teaching faculty includes:

  • A director of medical education (DME)

  • A program director for each specialty training program

  • The physicians who provide day-to-day teaching, lectures and evaluation of residents in the hospital, resident clinics and other ambulatory training sites    

The DME has overall responsibility for the operation of the medical education program. In that capacity, the DME recommends education policies, directs trainee recruitment and serves as the designated point of contact with the hospital CEO, program directors and the AOA as the accrediting body.   

Program directors are responsible for the operation of the training programs in their specialties, including educational content, academic standards, identification of teaching faculty, resident evaluation, disciplinary actions, resident recruitment and program reports and documentation. 

Faculty Expenses

Faculty expenses include full or part-time compensation for the DME, program directors, an administrative DME and other support staff appropriate to the size and composition of the program. These expenses also may include compensation for other physician faculty who train residents in the hospital or in ambulatory training sites.   

Capital/Equipment Expenses

Capital and equipment expenses include office space, call rooms for interns and residents, an up-to-date medical library, a trainee lounge and other expenses such as lab coats, meals for trainees while on duty and attendance at educational conferences. 

The Postdoctoral Training Program Fee Schedule ​sets forth the annual, application and inspection fees for OGME programs.   

There is no charge for the assistance of the OGME Development Initiative. Starting new osteopathic training programs is a priority for the osteopathic profession. The expenses of OGME Development Initiative consultants are borne by the AOA.