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What are the Benefits of an OGME Program?

Starting an OGME program benefits a hospital, its patients, medical staff, the community, and the hospital’s bottom line in many ways. An OGME program helps a hospital address key issues such as physician workforce shortages, competition for well-paid services, and the need to improve quality and safety while controlling health care costs. A teaching program creates a culture of education, providing value to the hospital through:

  • Enhanced patient care quality
  • Improved physician recruitment and retention
  • Reduced recruiting expenses
  • Improved succession planning
  • In-house coverage 24/7
  • Reduced medical staff coverage expenses
  • Additional funding stream from Medicare GME payment
  • Ongoing professional review mechanism
  • Enhanced service to the community
  • Expanded primary care physician base
  • Increased indigent care through ambulatory clinics
  • Opportunity to expand scope of services
  • Enhanced community relations
  • Teaching hospital prestige = competitive advantage
  • Expanded referral network
  • Tighter bonds among attendings, house staff and nursing
  • Atmosphere of life-long learning
  • Increased medical staff satisfaction from teaching and mentoring
  • Enhanced opportunities for continuing medical education
  • Potential for clinical trials and medical research
  • Increased comfort level for nursing
  • Admissions from loyal cadre of former residents
  • Future medical staff leadership

Employing a strategic approach to GME planning, consultants from the OGME Development Initiative can assist your hospital as it explores these benefits, builds support for a new program among hospital and medical staff leadership, and determines what specialty programs best address hospital and community needs. View presentation: "Strategic Considerations"

Our consultants can answer your questions, work peer-to-peer with hospital and medical staff leadership, share their expertise and experience, estimate start-up costs and Medicare payment and guide you through the accreditation process. The Initiative’s strategic approach to GME helps your hospital plan and implement a financially sustainable, high quality training program within Medicare and accreditation requirements.