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About OPTIs

Recognizing the need for a new system to structure and accredit osteopathic graduate medical education, the American Osteopathic Association established the Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institution (OPTI) in 1995. 

Each OPTI is a community-based training consortium comprised of at least one college of osteopathic medicine and one hospital. Other hospitals and ambulatory care facilities may also partner within an OPTI. Community-based healthcare facilities such as ambulatory care clinics, rehabilitation centers and surgicenters may now have the resources and support necessary to provide physician training with an OPTI's assistance. 

OPTIs are recognized for providing a comprehensive, seamless model of education for physician training-from colleges of osteopathic medicine through graduate medical education programs and beyond. An OPTI adds value to medical training by assuring the osteopathic concepts of holism, wellness and prevention, caring for the patient's individual health needs, environment and ability to access quality health care.