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When Studying Means Using Prescription Stimulants

JAOA logoAug. 28: A study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA) found that 15.2% of first- and second-year students surveyed at a large osteopathic medical school used prescription stimulants non-medically to aid them in studying. Read more.

AOA Participates in White House 'Joining Forces' Meeting

AOA logoAug. 21: Health care stakeholders at the meeting discussed strategies to improve mental health services for military service personnel, veterans and their families. The Joining Forces initiative, of which the AOA has been a partner since its first year, is a multi-pronged program that aims to create opportunities and provide support for service members and their families. Read more.

Chart Your Professional Future With Career Compass Tool

Career Compass logoAug. 20: Osteopathic medical students, postdoctoral trainees and new physicians in practice can use the AOA's Career Compass to help them pursue their professional goals and connect with the osteopathic medical community. Learn more.

Strategies to Raise DO Awareness

ADO examining a patientug. 15: “What is a DO?” It’s a question you’ve likely heard before, and it’s the inspiration for one of the AOA strategic plan’s five priority areas for 2014-2016. As part of our goal of increasing awareness and visibility of osteopathic medicine, the AOA will be launching a multi-year brand campaign, which is expected to get underway in early 2015. Learn more

Join the National Health Care Conversation in 5 Easy Steps

DO advocateAug. 13: The town hall meetings being held in some states this month offer a great chance for DOs to talk health policy with members of Congress. Check out our five steps for making your voice heard and learn how you can get involved if you can't attend a meeting in person. Read more.

VA Reform Bill Expands Veterans' Treatment Options

Aug. 8: President Obama signed legislation yesterday that allows veterans to receive care from a private physician if there's more than a 30-day wait for an appointment at their Veterans Affairs (VA) facility, or if the nearest VA is more than 40 miles away. The changes are opening up new opportunities for physicians. Read more.

Osteopathic Medical Profession Gets Prominent Media Coverage

JAOA physicianuly 30: The rapid expansion of osteopathic medicine got a write-up in The New York Times this week, with the article noting that nearly a quarter of all medical school graduates attended osteopathic medical schools. In addition, Modern Healthcare interviewed AOA President Robert S. Juhasz about the goals of the AOA's strategic plan. Read more.

AOA Supports Institute of Medicine Recommendations for GME

White coatJuly 30: A recent Institute of Medicine report singled out the AOA and the American Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for their work in developing a single accreditation system for all graduate medical education (GME) programs in the U.S. The report urges additional reforms to federal funding for physician training to better address national health care needs. Read the AOA's full statement on the report.


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