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AOA Announces New Member Alliances

The AOA is dedicated to providing as much value to our members as possible. Understanding the challenges faced by members has allowed the AOA to select companies that offer goods and services to help you and your staff. 

Member alliances offer special deals and services often at reduced rates for American Osteopathic Association members. Let your membership in the AOA work for you by obtaining member only pricing from our member alliances.


New Member Alliances

  • Cypher by ICDLogic

  • Elevation Healthcare

  • EHR & Practice Management Consultants, Inc.​

  • HIPAA Secure Now!

  • Canopy

  • Greenbranch Publishing, LLC

  • The Searfoss Consulting Group, LLC 


Existing Member Alliances

  • Avis

  • Bank of America

  • Budget

  • Epocrates


  • HealthFusion

  • Hertz

While the AOA analyzes the quality and viability of member alliances and their offerings, we do not guarantee any product or service will be right for you. Before you make a purchase, we recommend you perform your own due diligence.

Visit ​to learn more about all of the AOA's member alliances and to find out how you can suggest an alliance for the AOA to consider.


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