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Nominations for AOA Bureaus, Councils and Committees

Updated Feb. 16, 2011

The AOA is now accepting nominations for open positions on next year's Bureaus, Councils and Committees (B/C/Cs), and we are seeking your input. Individuals and organizations may make nominations for any open position. Of course, nomination preferences will be given to those organizations that have positions designated for their specific constituencies. The nomination process closes on April 1.

For organizations with designated positions on a B/C/C, the AOA must receive your nomination information by April 1. If you choose not to submit nominations for your designated positions, AOA President-Elect Martin S. Levine, DO, will select someone to fill the position(s).


Organizations should send three nominations, in suggested order of preference, for each designated, open position. Individuals seeking self-nomination or recommending another individual for a position do not need to submit three names.

  • appointment-book-nominations.pdf View the 2011-12 Appointment Book to find open positions.

  • Information required to make a nomination: 

    Please indicate the name of the B/C/C, the position on that body (if designated), the name of the individual(s) you seek to nominate, the individual(s) CV, and a short note on the qualifications of that individual(s) for the position.

Greatness Corps

The Greatness Corps is a volunteer group of AOA members the AOA Board calls upon to voice their opinions, help develop AOA policy, and be involved in initiatives important to the profession. If you wish to join the Greatness Corps, please send your name to and type "Add me to the greatness corps" in the subject line. You will be added to the Corps automatically.

Please feel free to contact the AOA with questions you may have by sending your query to and putting “Query” in the subject line.