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The Significance of the Osteopathic Pledge of Commitment: Living Each Day as an Example of What an Osteopathic Physician Should Be

Photo of Norman E. Vinn, DOBy AOA Past President Norman E. Vinn, DO

Over the last few months, I’ve reflected on each line of the Osteopathic Pledge of Commitment as part of my “Living the Pledge” series. As I write my thoughts about the last line—to live each day as an example of what an osteopathic physician should be—I’m reminded of how proud I am to be part of this profession and to have the privilege of placing the DO credential after my name.

Throughout my presidency I’ve aimed to celebrate our unique osteopathic culture. One way I’ve encouraged the family to celebrate it is by recognizing individuals within the profession who have made an impact on our careers as Unsung Heroes. These are DOs who serve as outstanding role models, enhance the profession and instill pride in being DOs and members of the AOA.

While I can think of many Unsung Heroes, the one often on my mind is my father, Ed Vinn, DO. He never served in a leadership role; he simply took care of his patients and did so as an osteopathic family physician into his 70s. The impact he made on his patients’ lives is what led me into this profession, to follow in his footsteps. My dad is among the more than 800 Unsung Heroes you’ll find on our Honor Roll, to date.

Who are your Unsung Heroes? Have you recommended them for this recognition? If not, recommend them today and share their story with the rest of the osteopathic family in the comments section below.


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