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Standards of Accreditation

Page Last Updated:  November 2017

The COCA is pleased to post the following re-formatted Standards for continuing COMs and for new and developing COMs, as well as the substantive change policies and procedures. These newly formatted documents include both a bookmarked table of contents, as well as a linked table of contents within the PDF document for easier use. 

Please note that the evidentiary submissions documents for continuing COMs and for new and developing COMs have been incorporated into the respective Standards documents, and the evidentiary submission document for substantive procedures has been incorporated as an appendix into the Substantive Change Policies and Procedures document. Accordingly, there are three volumes:

The COCA is also pleased to announce that the tables for COCA Online submissions have been completed. Samples of all the tables to be submitted on COCA Online have also been posted as demonstrative aides. Under the 2017 Standards, COMs will no longer need to submit Excel spreadsheets. The tables will replace the Excel spreadsheet workbooks that were previously used.

In addition to the foregoing documents, the COCA staff has prepared a comparison table of the 2016 Standards and the 2017 Standards as an informational reference guide. 

Finally, the COCA will post its Policies and Procedures document following the August meeting.  

The Glossary for the 2017 COCA Standards has been completed and should be used for information and guidance purposed only. The Glossary should not be used as a resource to interpret the Standards; only the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation may interpret the Standards according to the context presented. The document serves only to define terms.

Please continue to check this website for additional postings and information related to the Standards.