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Know Your Options: Differentiating Practice Types Webinar Series

person on stairsChoosing a practice type will be based on your unique combination of needs and desires. As a provider, you have many choices to consider such as going solo, joining a large group or hospital, accepting all insurance types or none at all. Decide what is right for you now and in the future by participating in this webinar series, which will provide you with knowledge on different practice types. 

Aug. 11: Know Your Options - On Your Own or Part of a Larger Healthcare System?  WATCH NOW

Not sure whether to go private or join a larger group? To help you in your decision, speaker Margie Satinsky provides tasks to consider, such as financial management, practice management, compliance, and staffing. View the Satinsky Consulting Newsletter to assess your own readiness in making the decision to be on your own or to join a larger system.

Aug. 25: Know Your Options – The Cash-Based Practice WATCH NOW

A cash-based practice may not be for everyone. Kenneth Lossing, DO, who has been running a cash practice for 17 years, shares his experiences, both pro and con, on what it is like to not have contract with any insurers. 

Sept. 9: Know Your Options – The Ideal Medical Practice Model WATCH NOW

Practices following the Ideal Medical Practice Model collaborate to invent, support and implement innovations that help medical practices committed to relationship-based care thrive. Speaker Kristin Oaks, DO, who has a solo practice with one longtime employee, follows the principles of the Ideal Medical Practices Organization and shares her experiences in this webinar. Visit to learn more about this practice model.

Sept. 23: Know Your Options -Self-Employment vs. Hospital/Foundation Affiliation What is Your Strategy? WATCH NOW

Should you stay solo or should you consider merging with others to form a bigger single specialty, multi-specialty group or ACO? Should you join a foundation or university affiliation? Practice and liability consultant Debra Phairas presents a balanced discussion of the options and issues for physicians to consider before making an important practice decision.

Sept. 30: Know Your Options – Merging Practices: Strategies to Remain Independent  WATCH NOW

In this new era of health care, consolidating practices can result in economies of scale, reduction of overhead, increased power in contracting, increased net income, ability to recruit new partners and retire partners. But as in a marriage, good communication and shared values are key to compatibility and long-term success. Practice and liability consultant Debra Phairas presents information on the necessary things to consider when merging practices. View the Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC  Partnership Formation and Merger Checklist to help you in the merger process.

Oct. 7: Know Your Options – The Direct Pay Primary Care Practice WATCH NOW

In a direct pay primary care practice, patients pay a low monthly membership fee. In exchange they get all of their routine primary care, greater access to care with longer times in front of the physician, shorter wait times and same day or next day appointments. Chris Larson, DO, shares how this type of practice will allow you to see a steady income and less patients.

Oct. 14: Know Your Options – The Concierge Practice WATCH NOW

Physicians have been hit with the ACA, the Federal deficit and an increase in patients due to the baby boomers. How can you keep up? What are the solutions for the primary care physician? Andrea Klemes DO, medical director of MDVIP, will discuss different models and the literature supporting them.

Oct. 28: Know Your Options - Strengthen Your Practice: How to Collaborate with Peers and Other Practices WATCH NOW

The health care arena is changing and the landscape and options available to physicians can be overwhelming. Physicians in solo or small group practice may think integration is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. This is not necessarily true. This webinar provides regarding practice integrations ranging from mergers to a wide variety of other contractual arrangements.


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