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CAP for Residency Programs

CAP for Residency Program is now the CAP for Physicians Program

The transition for the CAP for Residency Program is complete. The program has merged with the CAP for Physicians program. As a resident, you are able to participate in the CAP for Physicians program by registering as a Resident and providing your program ID.

Programs will no longer receive monthly reports. Individuals participating in the CAP for Physicians program receive two reports as they are completing the module. One report is generated after abstraction of your first 20 charts. The second report is generated after your final abstraction of your additional 20 charts.

The structure of the new CAP for Physicians modules includes the following stages:

Stage A: Assess performance
Assess current practice using identified performance measures through a self-assessment survey and patient chart reviews.

  • Complete a self-assessment survey.

  • Select 20 medical records based on the indicated parameters such as diagnostic criteria, patient inclusion and exclusion criteria and sampling technology.

  • Enter and submit data from patient medical records online for analysis.

  • Receive a performance analysis report comparing your performance with other participants and national benchmarks.

  • Complete an evaluation on the process.

Stage B: Build and Implement Action Plan
Select from educational interventions and practice improvements designed for sustained improvement in patient care.

  • Identify an improvement goal and build an Action Plan using the interventions and systems tools within the PI module.

  • Complete one educational activity and apply what you have learned in practice for a recommended 90 days (minimum of 30 days).

  • Complete an evaluation on the process.

Stage C: Re-assess Performance

  • Enter data from 20 additional charts online for patient visits since you have completed Stage B to generate a comparison report.

  • Compare your Stage A and Stage C survey and performance results.

  • Complete an evaluation on the process.

  • Receive 20 credits of AOA Category 1-B Credit.

For additional information and to access the CAP for Physician modules please visit CAP for Physicians.