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Research Abstract Submission Instructions

​Please review all of the criteria and the following instructions. If your question is not answered here, contact the AOA Research Development office. If you have not submitted an abstract for publication before, we encourage you to review the criteria and instructions carefully and to check with a sponsor, professor or the AOA Division of Research Development if you have any questions.

Assignment of Copyright:

  • Abstracts are submitted online only; no paper copy of the abstract is required. A paper copy of the Assignment of Copyright is required – no abstract can be published without this document. We cannot publish or credit an author for whom a signature is not provided. 

  • After you submit your abstract, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement – this is also your Assignment of Copyright form. Secure all signatures and e-mail, fax, or mail the original to the AOA, Attn: Division of Research Development, 142 E. Ontario, Chicago, IL 60611.  Please retain a copy for yourself. 

    • We strongly recommend that you procure signatures and submit the Assignment of Copyright form as early in the process as possible, and while all authors, especially students and residents, are available.

Duties of Primary Author:

  1. The primary author is responsible for securing signatures of all authors on the Assignment of Copyright and Disclosure form.  

  2. The primary author is responsible for communications with secondary authors. All communications – the e-mail acknowledgement and Assignment of Copyright Release, Notice of Acceptance, and conference Poster Session announcements - will go to the contact information given for the primary author.

To submit your abstract, you will need the following information:

  • Complete contact information for the primary author. Communications from AOA regarding abstracts are conducted almost exclusively through e-mail. The primary author may enter an e-mail address for an assistant or secondary author. That person is then responsible for communications and for filing the Assignment of Copyright form. The e-mail listed should be one that is monitored regularly.  

  • For each author (beginning with primary author) - first name, (middle initial optional), last name, highest degree, institution and location of institution (city, state)  

    • Enter the highest earned or terminal degree(s), i.e. DO, PhD, MD, MS. For students the OMS designation is helpful, especially if an MS degree is listed.  

    • Authors are those responsible for the research. Contributors may be listed separately as acknowledgements in the abstract text.  

  • Detailed Instructions for Abstract Submission (PDF)

  • Abstract text (limited to 2500 characters including spaces)

    • Cut and paste your abstract from MS Word, Notepad, or other word processing software.

    • If you are using MS Word 2007 or a newer version of MS Word, please cut and paste your abstract into Notepad, or save your abstract in MS Word 2003 or older file format.  From here, you can cut and paste your abstract into the abstract window.

    • Occasionally, pasted text “distorts” in the abstract window – please review and edit, using the formatting buttons on the abstract page.

    • Use plain text or ASCII characters only. There is a special html formatting button for selected mathematical and scientific symbols. If the symbol you need is not included or is not available in your word processing program, please contact the AOA Research Development office for assistance.

What happens next:

  • Evaluation – All abstracts are evaluated by members of the Council on Research or their designees for quality and adherence to published criteria. Abstracts are either “accepted” or “denied” based on consensus of reviewers. 

  • Notification of Acceptance is sent by individual e-mail to the primary author no later than July 1. The Notice will include the poster number and confirmed date and time for the Poster Session. 

  • Assignment of Copyright must be signed and submitted to the AOA (see details above). 

    • It is accepted and customary in abstract submissions to be notified only of “accepted” or “denied” status, and Council policy adheres to that custom. Authors whose abstracts are denied will receive individualized explanations for the denial, but the majority of abstracts that are not accepted simply do not meet one or more of the criteria. Authors are encouraged to consult with peers and/or sponsors to review their abstracts if they have concerns or questions.

For more information, contact:

Gloria Dillard, MPH
Division of Research Development
(800) 621-1773, Ext. 8006