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AOA Clinical Assessment Program

The AOA’s Clinical Assessment Program (CAP) is a Web-based performance measurement program that analyzes data abstracted from patient medical records in order to evaluate clinical practices against evidence-based guidelines. The overarching purpose of CAP is to improve patient outcomes and ultimately increase quality of patient care.

The completion of each CAP module provides 20 hours of AOA Category 1-B CME credit. The cost of each module is $299.

Residents can also participate in the CAP for Physicians program by registering as a resident and providing your program ID. There is no cost for residents to use the CAP.

Goals of CAP for Physicians: 

  • To provide a structure for the quantitative evaluation of current osteopathic care provided individually and in the aggregate by osteopathic physicians.

  • To identify where quality-of-care improvements can be made in osteopathic physicians’ offices and provide educational interventions.

  • To provide osteopathic physicians with information on how they are treating their populations.

The CAP Web-based program is easy to follow. The system provides a structured three-stage process: 

STAGE A: Assess Performance
Assess current practice using identified performance measures through a self-assessment survey and patient chart reviews:

  • Complete a self-assessment survey.

  • Select 20 medical records based on the indicated parameters such as diagnostic criteria, patient inclusion and exclusion criteria, and sampling technology.

  • Enter and submit data from patient medical records online for analysis.

  • Receive a performance analysis report comparing your performance with other participants and national benchmarks.

  • Complete an evaluation on the process.

STAGE B: Build and Implement Action Plan
Select from educational interventions and practice improvements designed for sustained improvement in patient care:  

  • Identify an improvement goal and build an Action Plan using the interventions and systems tools within the PI module.

  • Complete one educational activity and apply what you have learned in practice for a recommended 90 days (minimum of 30 days).

  • Complete an evaluation on the process.

STAGE C: Reassess Performance

  • Enter data from 20 additional charts online for patient visits since you have completed Stage B to generate a comparison report.

  • Compare your Stage A and Stage C survey and performance results.

  • Complete an evaluation on the process.

  • Receive 20 hours of AOA Category 1-B CME credit.

The CAP is HIPAA-compliant. It has been developed to collect no identifiable patient information and meets the HIPAA privacy regulation for “de-identification of protected information” set forth in 45 CFR Sec. 164.514(b)(2). All physician-specific data is confidential and will only be made available to the physician or their delegate. 

Measure Sets

Performance in CAP is measured by abstraction of required data elements from a patient's medical records by the physician. Data elements include demographic information and clinical information. ​The measure sets include:

  • Asthma

  • Back Pain

  • Childhood Immunizations

  • Coronary Artery Disease

  • Diabetes Mellitus

  • Immunization for Adolescents

  • Immunization in High-Risk Adults

  • Preventive Care

How to Register for CAP for Physicians

  • Log in at

  • Select the "CAP for Physicians" tab and follow the instructions.


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