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2016 House of Delegates Resolutions

The 96th AOA Annual House of Delegates (HOD) convened at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile Hotel. Resolutions were reviewed by the appropriate HOD Reference Committees and recommendations for action were made to the HOD.

Download and view the recommendations of each HOD Reference Committee

HOD Committee on Rules & Order of Business Report (Approved)

HOD Ad Hoc Committee

HOD Committee on Constitution & Bylaws

HOD Committee on Educational Affairs

HOD Committee on Professional Affairs

HOD Committee on Public Affairs

HOD Joint Board/House Budget Review Committee


 All A/2016 HOD Resolutions - This PDF contains the HOD resolution roster and each resolution. 

**indicates the resolution has been updated since it was originally posted.




Rural Sites and Underserved/Inner City Areas – Osteopathic Education (H202-A/11)

BOE Education

Access to Healthcare - Developing a New Model of Administering Osteopathic Primary Care Residencies in the US (H203-A/11)

BOE Education

NRMP Policy Change (H204-A/11)

BOE Education
​H-203 Depression Awareness in US Medical Students (H205-A/11) ​BOE ​Education

Disaster Response Courses and Training within COMS (H208-A/11)

BOE Education

Academic Osteopathic Educators, Researchers or Administrators Educational Program Development (H210-A/11)

BOE Education
​H-206 COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE (H212-A/11) BOE ​Education

Support of State Societies (H311-A/11)

COPT / BOM Education
​H-208 ​Uniform Title for OMS (H324-A/11) BOE ​Education
​H-209 Tobacco Free Colleges / Schools of Osteopathic Medicine (H434-A/11) BSAPH ​Education
​H-210 Osteopathic Continuous Certification ​ACOFP Education
​H-211 Preservation of Rural Healthcare Provided by Current AOA GME Programs OPSC ​Education
​H-212 ​​Continuous Osteopathic Board Certification OPSC ​Education
​H-213 Education and Resources for Academic Drug Abuse SOMA ​Education
​H-214 OMS Access to Coursework in Business Medicine SOMA Education​
​H-215 WITHDRAWN ​Education
​H-216 AOA Accredited GME Program Equivalency ​IOMA ​Education
​H-217 Opposition to Osteopathic Continuous Certification MOS​ ​Education
​H-218 Opposition to Time-Limited Specialty Board Certification ​MOS ​Education
​H-219 ​WITHDRAWN ​Education
​H-300 ​OGME Funding (H242-A/04) BFHP​ Professional​

Modifying FTE Residents Cap (H256-A/06)

BFHP Professional
H-302 Employee Retirement Income Security Act (H300-A/11) BFHP Professional
H-303 BIOM Professional

OSHA Standards (H304-A/11)

BFHP Professional

Patient-Physician Relations (H306-A/11)

BSGA Professional

Center of Excellence for Stroke (H308-A/11)

BFHP Professional
H-307 BFHP Professional

Patient Care at Extended Long Term Care Facilities (H313-A/11)

BFHP Professional

Quality Improvement Organizations (H317-A/11) 

BFHP Professional

Osteopathic Term Protection (H319-A/11)

BSGA Professional
​H-311 ​RESOLUTION MOVED TO 400 Series (renumbered H-442) BFHP Professional​
​H-312 Counterfeit Medications (H427-A/11) BFHP Professional​
​H-313 Disaster Relief Volunteers (H430-A/11) BSGA ​Professional
​H-314 Use of K2 and Bath Salts as Drugs of Abuse (H437-A/11) BFHP ​​Professional
​H-315 Disposal of Medications (H438-A/11) ​BSGA ​​Professional
​H-316 Cyberbullying Through Social Media (H439-A/11) BSAPH ​​Professional
​H-317 ​Emergency Department Payment for Emergency On-Call Physicians (H601-A/11) BFHP ​​Professional
​H-318** Commission of a Crime While Using A Firearm (H603-A/11) BSGA ​​Professional
​H-319 Good Samaritan Acts Performed on Commercial Aircraft (H604-A/11) BSGA ​​Professional
​H-320 Medicaid Pharmaceutical Benefits (H608-A/11) BSGA ​​​Professional
​H-321 ​Patient Interpreters (H613-A/11) BFHP ​​Professional​
​H-322 Urging Standard Policies for Certifying Uninsured/Underinsured Patients for Free Pharmaceuticals (H617-A/11) BFHP ​​​Professional​
​H-323 Opposition of Requirement of Physician Prescription for Over-the-Counter Medication Tax-Preferred Account Reimbursement (H621-A/11) BFHP ​​Professional​​
​H-324 Medical Malpractice Crisis (H624-A/11) BFHP ​​​Professional​
​H-325 Formularies – Notification to Physicians (H626-A/11) BFHP ​​​Professional​
​H-326 Electronic Medical / Health Record Exemption Without Penalty (H631-A/11) BSA ​​Professional​​
​H-327 Drug Samples (H636-A/11) BFHP Professional​​​
​H-328 FMLA Forms -- Standardization and Improving (H638-A/11) BFHP ​Professional​​
​H-329 Graduate Medical Education Funding and Incentives BSA /BFHP / BSGA Professional​​​
​H-330 Medication Shortages NJAOPS Professional​​​
​H-331 Common Osteopathic Oath OPSC Professional​​​
​H-332 Timely Posting of Agendas and Meeting Minutes OPSO Professional​
​H-333 AOA Requirement of Notification of State Delegate Count TOMA ​Professional
​H-334 Proposed Creation of a Mental Health Task Force within the AOA SOMA Professional​
​H-335 ​National Health Service Corps’ Inclusion of Emergency Medicine for Scholarships and Loan Repayment SOMA ​Professional
​H-336 Teleconference Implementation for GME Interviews SOMA Professional​
​H-337 ​​Health Insurance Availability to OMS SOMA ​Professional
H-​338 ​Behavioral Health Patients in Emergency Departments MOA Professional​
​H-339 Physician Wellness, Burnout Prevention, and Physical Mental Health and Addiction MOA ​Professional
​H-340 ​Opposition to Physician Gag Rules ​MOA ​Professional
​H-341 Federal Student Loans ​MOA ​Professional
​H-342 Physician Collective Bargaining ​MOA ​Professional
​H-343 Congressional Budget Office Fiscal Scoring ​BFHP ​Professional
​H-344** Pain Related Education Requirements ​BSGA / BFHP / BSA ​Professional
​H-345 ​Pain Management and the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program BFHP​ Professional​
​H-346 Non-Physician Health Care Providers ​IOMA Professional​
​H-347 Protection of Licensure for OMS, Residents and Practicing Physicians Suffering from Depression ​IOMA ​Professional
​H-348 Providing CME Credits for Physicians Pursuing Further Education ​OOA ​Professional
​H-349 ​Eugenic Selection with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis ​OOA ​Professional
​H-350 Tricare Health Insurance for Military ​OOA ​Professional
​H-351 ​Inclusion of OMT in the CDC Chronic Pain Management Guidelines MOA​ ​Professional
​H-352 Concussion, Return-To-Play and Return-To-Learn BSGA​ ​Professional
​H-400 Violence and Abuse Prevention and Education (H200-A/11) BSAPH ​Public

Osteopathic Medicine–Autonomy of (H201-A/11)

BOT Public

Promotion of Osteopathic Medicine to Disadvantaged High School Students (H207-A/11)

BSAPH Public

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (H329-A/11)

BSAPH Public

JAOA – The Journal of the American Osteopathic (H330-A/11)

BOCER Public

Carbonated Soft Drinks in Schools (H401-A/11)

BSAPH Public
​H-406 Chelation Therapy (H402-A/11) ​BSAPH Public
​H-407 Driver Intoxication/ Impaired (H403-A/11) ​BSGA ​Public
​H-408 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (H404-A/11) BOMES ​​Public​
​H-409 Minority Health and Osteopathic Medical Education (H406-A/11) BSAPH ​Public​
​H-410 Obesity in Children (H407-A/11) BSAPH ​Public​
​H-411** Organ Donation and Transplantation Initiatives -- Commitment to (H408-A/11) BSAPH ​Public​
​H-412** Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (H409-A/11) ​BSAPH Public​​
​H-413 Plastic Beverage and Food Container Recycling Act (H410-A/11) BSAPH ​Public​
​H-414 Childhood and Teenage Sexual Exposure (H411-A/11) BSAPH Public​​
​H-415 Tobacco Control--The Framework Convention On (H412-A/11) BIOM ​Public​
​H-416 Vaccine Supply and Distribution (H413-A/11) BSAPH ​Public​​
​H-417 Damage to Hearing from use of Headphones (H415-A/11) BSAPH ​Public​​
​H-418 ​Dangers of the “Choking Game” (H416-A/11) BSAPH ​Public​​
​H-419 Medical Marijuana, Research on (H417-A/11) BSAPH ​​Public​
​H-420 ​Sports and Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury (H419-A/11) BSGA ​​Public​
​H-421 Osteopathic Quality and Outcomes Measures (H425-A/11) BOCER ​​Public​​
​H-422 Drug Withdrawal / Recall -- Physician Notification Of Pending (H424-A/11)
Blood Donors, Protection from Depletion of Iron (H429-A/11)
​BFHP ​​​Public​
​H-423 ​Blood Donors, Protection from Depletion of Iron (H429-11) BSAPH ​Public
​H-424 5-2-1-0 Wellness Campaign for America’s Children (H431-A/11) BSAPH ​​Public​​
​H-425 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (H432-A/11) BSAPH ​​​Public​
​H-426 Health Literacy (H433-A/11) BSAPH ​Public
​H-427 Obesity Epidemic--Addressing the American (H435-A/11) BSAPH ​​Public
​H-428 DOCARE International, Recognition of 50th Anniversary (H440-A/11) BIOM ​Public​
​H-429 Mandatory Influenza Vaccine ACOP ​Public
​H-430 AOA Support for Needle Exchange Programs SOMA ​Public
​H-431 Protecting American Consumers by Inclusion of Added Sugar Information to FDA ​SOMA ​​Public
​H-432 Increased Harm Reduction Modalities for People with Substance use Disorders SOMA ​Public​
​H-433 Support for Title X Funded Family Planning Services SOMA ​Public​
​H-434 ​WITHDRAWN ​Public​
​H-435 Response to H-402 - A/2014 SHACKLING OF PREGNANT INMATES BSAPH ​​Public
​H-437 Suicide Among Health Professionals IOMA​ ​Public
​H-438** Explore Incentives to Increase Patient Involvement in Cancer Clinical Traits ​OOA ​Public
​H-439 ​Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning Protection Laws ​OOA ​Public
​H-440 Evidence Based Treatment Programs for Substance Use Disorders (SUD) ​MOA ​Public
​H-441 ​RESOLUTION MOVED TO 300 Series (renumbered H-352)
​H-442 ​Influenza Vaccine ​BFHP ​Public

Health as a Fundamental Human Principle


​AOA Osteopathic Medical Student Delegation


Student Delegates

​H-503 Amendment to AOA Code of Ethics Section 3 BOM​ C&B​
​H-504 Amendment to AOA Interprets Code of Ethics ​BOM ​C&B
​H-505 Article VII-BOT-Section 1-Bylaws Amendments ​CAGOS ​C&B
​H-506 Amendments to AOA Code of Ethics ​CAGOS ​C&B
​H-507 Amendment to AOA Interprets Code of Ethics ​CAGOS ​C&B
​H-508 Amendment to AOA Constitution & Bylaws-NHCA Representation ​CAGOS ​C&B
​H-509 Amendment to AOA Constitution &Bylaws-Membership ​CAGOS ​C&B
​H-510 ​Nebraska Osteopathic Medical Association ​BOT ​C&B
​H-511 Student Osteopathic Medical Association Foundation ​BOT ​C&B

Onsite Lab Work No. 1 (H240-A/04)

BSA Ad Hoc

Physician Administered OMT (H247-A/04)

BSA Ad Hoc

Managed Care Referrals (H302-A/11)

BSA Ad Hoc

Medications -- Prior Authorization for (H303-A/11)

BSA Ad Hoc

Onsite Lab Work No. 2 (H305-A/11)

BSA Ad Hoc

OMM and OMT–Affirming the Scientific and Medical Foundation of (H307-A/11) 


Oral and/or Dental Care by Osteopathic Physicians (H312-A/11)

BSA Ad Hoc

Third Party Payors Changing Classes of Medications (H316-A/11)

BSA Ad Hoc
​H-608 ​BFHP Ad Hoc
​H-609 Medicare Physician Payments - SGR (H321-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc
​H-610** Physician Comparative Utilization & Profiling (H323-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc
​H-611 Uniformity in Commercial Physician Evaluation Programs -- Development Of Payer Coalitions (H325-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc
​H-612 Medicare Three-Day Qualifying Policy for Skilled Nursing Facility -- Providing Exceptions for (H328-A/11) BSA Ad Hoc​
​H-613 ​Physician Supply in Rural US -- Recommendations for Improving
​H-614 ​Emerging States (H602-A/11) ​BOT ​Ad Hoc
​H-615 ​Immunizations--Insurance Coverage for (H605-A/11) BSGA ​Ad Hoc
​H-616 Managed Healthcare Systems--Freedom of Choice (H606-A/11) BSGA ​Ad Hoc
​H-617 Mandatory Participation in Insurance Plans (H607-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc
​H-618** Medicaid Prior Authorization Programs -- Expansion of (H609-A/11) BSGA ​Ad Hoc
​H-619 Medical Insurance Coverage for Surgery in Cases of Chronic Gingivitis (H610-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc
H​-620 Medicare Claims Coding – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Communications with Physicians (H611-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc
H-​621 Medicare Physician Payment for OMT (H612-A/11) BSA ​​Ad Hoc
​H-622 Physician Negotiation Rights (H614-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc​
​H-623 Physician Profiles (H615-A/11) BSGA ​Ad Hoc​
​H-624 Timely Access to Ancillary Facilities (H616-A/11) BSA ​​Ad Hoc
​H-625 Federal Government Health Information Technology Initiative--Support of (H619-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc​
​H-626 Readmission Rates by the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services as a Criterion for Ranking -- Opposition to (H622-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc​​
​H-627** Prior Authorization for Payment of Medical Services (H625-A/11) BSA Ad Hoc
​H-628 Drug Plan Coverage Denials (H627-A/11) BSA ​Ad Hoc​​
​H-629 CPT Codes -- Blending Rates (H628-A/11) BSA ​​Ad Hoc
​H-630 Payor Adherence to CPT and ICD Coding Definitions (H629-A/11) BSA Ad Hoc
​H-631 Formularies--Availability in Electronic Health Records (H632-A/11) BFHP Ad Hoc
​H-632 ​Medicare Part D Formulary Unfairness (H633-A/11) BFHP Ad Hoc
​H-633 Health Insurance Exchanges (H637-A/11) BSGA ​Ad Hoc
​H-634 Interference – Lawful Off-Label Treatment of Patients AOMA ​Ad Hoc
​H-635 Access to Care - Network Adequacy and Coverage BSA ​Ad Hoc
H-​636 Appropriate Payment Mechanisms for Physician-Led Team-Based Health Care BSA Ad Hoc
​H-637 Third Party Payer Coverage Process Reform ​BSA Ad Hoc​
​H-638 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) & Alternative Payment Models (APMs) ​TOMA ​Ad Hoc
​H-639 Expanding Gender Identity Options on Physician Intake Forms SOMA ​Ad Hoc
​H-640 Prior Authorization BSA / BSGA / BFHP ​Ad Hoc
​H-641 Restore Equality Between COCA and LCME-Accredited Medical School Grads…Training in Canada MOA Ad Hoc
​H-642 Elimination of Abuse of the Affordable Care Act Grace Period BSA ​Ad Hoc
​H-643 Health Insurer Consolidation BSA / BSGA / BFHP ​Ad Hoc
​H-644 Deterrents to Preventive Medicine Procedure Participation ​IOMA ​Ad Hoc
​H-645** Medicare Medical Necessity Certification Requirements ​IOMA ​Ad Hoc
​H-646 Sunsetting Policies ​IOMA ​Ad Hoc
​H-647 Expanding Gender Identity Options on Physician Intake Forms to be More Inclusive of LGBTQ Patients ​OOA ​Ad Hoc
​H-648 Automatic Negative Dues Check-Off ​PAC ​Ad Hoc
​H-700 FY2016-2017 Proposed AOA Budget FC​ JBHBRC

Resolutions for review and action by the AOA House of Delegates must be submitted no fewer than 30 days prior to the start of the annual business meeting. Resolutions for action by the House of Delegates received late are subject to review by the Rules & Orders of Business House Reference Committee.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​


 Past HOD Annual Meeting Resolutions