OMED Justifications Toolkit

The AOA understands that budgets are tighter than ever and getting away from your demanding schedule takes more coordination and planning than it used to. 
We also understand that with the consolidation of health care delivery, many of you are working as employees inside structured practice environments, often as employees of large medical groups or health systems. 
Time off, even for continuing medical education, needs to be justified as an important tool for  improving your value to patients, colleagues and the overall mission of the organization.
We believe that OMED 2016 is a can’t-miss event, and we want to help you convince your employer of the same!
We have assembled some talking points and tips, along with a Justification Letter, to share with your employer. Most importantly, if you need more information that would help allow you to attend, don’t hesitate to email us at
We hope to see you in Anaheim!

 General Tips


​Here are some tips to help persuade your employer to approve your attendance at OMED 2016:

  • Emphasize that this is an investment not just in you, but in the organization. Talk about what you will bring back to the workplace after the meeting, including new knowledge about patient care, population health, technology adoption and usage, socioeconomic trends, and state/federal regulatory developments that could affect local practice.

  • Make sure you offer to share the knowledge you've gained with other employees, medical leadership and management staff. A quick presentation to other physicians and clinical staff could be invaluable. This way, others can benefit from your attendance.

  • Share the program with your employers. The wealth of sessions offered will help reassure them that this trip is all about education.

  • Emphasize that this is a chance to earn valuable AOA 1-A CME credit that is essential to remain eligible for licensure and certification, and qualified to provide expert patient care.

  • Convey that OMED will put you directly in touch with hundreds of vendors who exhibit at the meeting. You can network with these vendors and bring new contacts back that will benefit the entire organization.


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