How to Network Like a Pro

​Aug. 28, 2014:

Events like OMED offer a great opportunity to meet other DO leaders, but networking can be a daunting prospect. Here are some tips to make the most of your conversations:

  • Reach out to the event's organizers before the conference to see if you can volunteer to help out, which gives you a great reason to talk to people.

  • Polish your "elevator speech" so you're prepared to give a quick overview of your background, your goals and why you're at the conference.

  • Be a good listener and ask interesting questions, like "What was the highlight of your work this year?"

  • If you're an introvert, don't try to go to every event at the conference. Instead, choose a few key events and go early, when it's quieter and easier to strike up a conversation.

  • After someone gives you their business card, note the details of your conversation on the back, both professional and personal, to help you follow up in a more personal way.

  • Once you've connected with someone, follow up! Send an email to say you enjoyed meeting them and would love to continue the conversation.

  • Whether or not it's your favored method of following up, all physicians and osteopathic medical students should be on LinkedIn.

This article was adapted from The DO's 'Networking 101: Mastering mingling and conquering conferences.'