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​Enjoy an OMED Tour!

Come early or stay on following your week at OMED to enjoy either a pre- or post-conference tour of Seattle and the surrounding area.



Sing the National Anthem and Win a Trip to OMED


The search is on for a soloist to sing the National Anthem live on the OMED stage in Seattle. 
Is it you?

singing-doc.jpgDo you belt out tunes in the shower or sing in the car? Take your talents to the OMED stage. Send us a video of yourself singing the National Anthem and you could win round-trip airfare to Seattle, one night hotel accommodation and the opportunity to sing in front of thousands of your colleagues during the OMED Opening Session on Sunday, Oct. 26. Whether you sing professionally or just for fun, we want to hear you.

Show us what you got!

OMED Video Contest Submission Instructions:

  1. Film yourself singing the National Anthem with your smartphone, camcorder, webcam, etc. We just want to hear your voice clearly.
  2. Send the video directly to or post on a file sharing site.
  3. Submit your video by Friday, June 27.

You've seen others sing the National Anthem in front of crowds. That could be you this October during OMED 2014. Submit your video today!

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