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ROME Rocky Mountain Presentations

​The list below includes submitted presentation handouts for the 2017 ROME Rocky Mountain conference, held Feb. 9-12 in Keystone, Colorado. All presentations are linked in PDF format.

Update regarding availability of slides



 Thursday, Feb. 9

Cannabis Toxicity and Hyperemesis Syndrome: A Rocky Mountain High
Current Non-Invasive Valve Repair Treatments for Heart Valve Disease
Cancer Screening Guidelines
Update on Food Allergies

 Friday, Feb. 10

OMT Workshop: Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain
Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation
Integrated Medicine and Cancer Treatment
Ankylosing Spondylitis: Optimizing Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care
Headache Treatment
Osteoporosis Work-Up and Treatment
Addressing Adolescent Substance Abuse: How to Recognize, Screen and Communicate

 Saturday, Feb. 11

OMT Workshop: Case Studies in OMM
Horse or Zebra? Considering Less Common Diagnoses when Evaluating Dyspnea
AOA Dementia/Alzheimer's Diagnosis & Detection Project
Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
New Innovations in Diabetes Treatment
Pediatric Migraine

 Sunday, Feb. 12

Prevention of Medical Errors
Sexual Assault: Recognition, Prevention & Intervention
Resilience: Professional Fatigue & Burnout Prevention
Diagnosis & Treatment of Skin and Nail Conditions in the Active Foot