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American Osteopathic Association Supports Expansion of New Medicare Payment Models

Washington, January 29, 2015—The American Osteopathic Association today expressed its support for the Department of Health and Human Services’ goal of implementing alternative payment models for 30 percent of Medicare payments by the end of 2016 and increasing that level to 50 percent by 2018.

The measure is a critical step in reforming physician payments because it rewards the quality of care rather than the quantity of care, said Robert S. Juhasz, DO, president of the American Osteopathic Association.

“There is sufficient data to demonstrate that high-quality care improves outcomes and lowers costs for individual patients and the health care system overall. If we accept that fact, aligning physician payment with quality is the only rational way to achieve our national healthcare goals,” Dr. Juhasz said. “The Medicare fee-for-service model is antiquated, discourages a focus on quality, and the economic impact of continued cuts to physician reimbursement compromises access to care for Medicare participants.”

The American Osteopathic Association continues to strongly support elimination of the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) in concert with the transition to a quality-based compensation system. Geraldine O’Shea, DO, a member of the American Osteopathic Association Board of Trustees, testified in support of payment reform January 23, 2015, before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health. Dr. O’Shea is medical director of Foothills Women’s Medical Center in Jackson, California.

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