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American Osteopathic Association Affirms Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines

Osteopathic Physicians Cite Outbreaks as a Call to Action

CHICAGO—February 6, 2015—Amid continuing outbreaks of preventable illnesses, the American Osteopathic Association reiterated its support for CDC vaccination protocols and cited the importance of a fully vaccinated population on the public health of the nation.

Osteopathic physicians (DOs) are trained to prevent illness and vaccinations are the safest, most effective interventions available to achieve that goal, said Robert Juhasz, DO, president of the American Osteopathic Association.

“People should fear polio, not the vaccine that eradicated it, yet misplaced fear is causing a resurgence of diseases that were once relegated to the history books,” Dr. Juhasz said. “The science is clear and unwavering--vaccines prevent disease and save lives. Vaccination is a public health imperative.”

Recently, the association urged the public to become familiar with the hallmark signs of these classic diseases to help contain outbreaks.  

Anyone with symptoms of measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox and whooping cough is urged to contact their physician and remain isolated to avoid infecting others. Infants younger than 12 months and some people with compromised immune systems cannot be vaccinated and are highly vulnerable to these illnesses.

The American Osteopathic Association policy on vaccination was passed in 1993 and was most recently reaffirmed in 2013.

H231-A/08 Immunizations

The American Osteopathic Association supports the CDC in its efforts to achieve a high compliance rate among infants, children and adults by encouraging osteopathic physicians to immunize patients of all ages when appropriate; supports the HHS National Vaccine Implementation Plan; and encourages third-party payers to reimburse for vaccines and their administration. 1993; revised 1998, 2003; 2008; reaffirmed as amended/BSAPH/BOFHP 2013. 

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