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American Osteopathic Association Urges Congress to Preserve Access to Care Regardless of Supreme Court Decision

Statement attributable to American Osteopathic Association President Robert S. Juhasz, DO

CHICAGO — March 4, 2015— No matter how Americans view the Affordable Care Act, one cannot dispute the fact that more than 9.6 million patients now have access to primary health care. Many of them are using that access to establish a relationship with a primary care physician to get preventive care, treat illnesses in the earliest stages and take control of their chronic health conditions. Those choices lower the overall cost of health care by keeping patients out of the emergency room and reducing their need for more expensive medical interventions.

The American Osteopathic Association is extremely concerned about the threat King v. Burwell poses to the newly insured. Ensuring that patients receive the right amount of care, in the right location, is critical to keeping our national health care costs in check. After many years of working to establish health care reforms to increase access, improve quality and decrease cost, the ACA supports alignment of incentives that facilitate those improvements.

Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell, millions of newly insured Americans may be unable to afford their coverage. The American Osteopathic Association and the 110,000 DOs and osteopathic medical students in the U.S. encourage lawmakers to ensure that no American receiving subsidies loses coverage because of the Supreme Court’s decision.

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