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Natalie A. Nevins, DO

Natalie A. Nevins, DO

AOA Board-Certified in Family Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Medical Director at Amrit Davaa Wellness Center
Hollywood, Calif.


Natalie A. Nevins, DO, currently serves as medical director of the Amrit Davaa Wellness Center in Hollywood, Calif., and as director of medical education for the family medicine residency program and the program director for the neuromusculoskeletal medicine residency program at the Downey Regional Medical Center in Downey, Calif. Dr. Nevins also is a certified yoga instructor, which gives her a unique perspective on how fitness is an essential element to health.

Dr. Nevins has contributed to medical stories for several print and television outlets, including Hygienetown and Alternative Medicine Magazine and she has advised readers of the Bend Bulletin on how families can set New Year's resolutions for achievable health goals.

Her experience as an osteopathic physician has led her to lecture at several health care conferences over the past years. Recent presentations include "Yoga: Healthy Practices," "A Practical Approach to the Chronic Pain Patient" and "Happy Feet: An Osteopathic Approach to Foot Problems."

After earning an undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Dr. Nevins went on to earn her masters in health education at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, Calif. She received her doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from the Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in Pomona, Calif.

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