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Government and Policy Links

Use these government and policy-related resources to learn how Congress works, see what issues your elected officials are working on, track legislation, and see what’s happening in the White House to assist with your health policy research. The AOA does not assume responsibility for the content of other websites. A listing here does not indicate endorsement by the AOA. - Offers various consumer-related resources from the U.S. government including links to a consumer action handbook, FDA information, and the federal citizen information center.

Every Patient Counts - Web-based patient advocacy site that stresses the impact that the medical liability crisis has on access to quality health care. As the cost of professional liability insurance skyrockets, patients face reduced access to physicians as more and more doctors leave the profession or move to states that have enacted reforms. provides the facts behind this crisis and offers an opportunity for patients to tell federal and state legislators how this crisis has affected them, to share their stories with others, and to create a forum to enact change.

FedStats - More than 100 U.S federal agencies provide statistical information on dozens of topics. Also included are the latest press releases from individual agencies.

FirstGov - The U.S. Government's Official Web portal featuring alphabetical listing of government agency websites, a reference center, state home pages, and more.

HIPAA OnLine - is an interactive tool that helps answer questions about your rights and protections under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA OnLine guides you to an answer by asking you questions about your health coverage and situation. - The official U.S. government site for people with Medicare. Offers information on the drug discount card, prescription drug price comparisons, Medicare billing information and a comprehensive amount of information regarding Medicare.

National Technical Information Service - Search for government research and development publications. This Web site allows you to locate scientific and technical publications from all government agencies.

Official US Executive Branch Web Sites - Official U.S. Executive branch Web sites. Includes links to federal agencies and departments as well as a links to independent agencies and boards.

State and Local Government - Search thousands of listings by state or by topic to find state agencies, city and county governments.

Thomas - A website maintained by the Library of Congress for bill and other information related to the U.S. Congress and the legislative process. Users can track House and Senate bills for the current congressional session or search on previous sessions.

United States Courts - Official U.S. Judicial Branch Web sites. Includes an overview of the Supreme Court as well as Appeal, District and Bankruptcy courts.

United States House of Representatives - Each district is represented by one representative, elected to a two-year term. Each state is guaranteed one representative and the total number of representatives in the House is 435. Find information on the House of Representatives schedule, committees, leadership, and Members. Look up your Representative by entering your home zip code.

United States Senate - Each state is represented by two senators, elected to six-year terms. Find information on the Senate schedule, committees, leadership, and Members. Look up your Senator by state.

White House - The White House website maintains all information relating to the Office of the President, including speeches, federal appointments, and Cabinet Offices. See the President’s latest remarks on Medicare.