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'My DO Changed My Life'

do-treating-child.JPGOsteopathic physicians (DOs) are making a difference in the lives of their patients every day. Read the following patient testimonials to learn more about how osteopathic medicine can improve your health and wellbeing.

David's Story 

“My wife and I have been treated by our osteopathic physician (DO) for over 24 years. His knowledge is second to none and I have never seen him stumped by any medical condition with which he has been confronted.

In 1986, I sustained a back injury at work which worsened to the point where I had difficulty walking and could not work.  At the suggestion of a co-worker, I made an appointment with my DO after three weeks of medicating with muscle relaxers and pain medication to no avail. In one treatment with my DO, all my back and leg pain dissipated, and I was able to immediately return to work. 

I would readily trust my DO with my life and the life of any of my loved ones in any given medical crisis. My DO has given me the opportunity to lead a pretty regular life and work until retirement age; and I will forever be grateful.”  - David F., Oceanside, CA 

Terry's Story 

“My DO was my surgeon for my gastric bypass, but the job he did was much more than that.  He was encouraging, supportive, and a wealth of information to not only me but my family. 

He spent a lot of time with me before and since the surgery.  In the hospital, my DO visited me at least twice a day. He always showed concern for my well-being, physically and mentally. 

I would highly recommend my DO. I like that he looks at the big picture and not just the medical results after surgery. He always has shown great care and support to me and my husband and the whole family. Besides being an excellent surgeon, his communication and caring is a huge asset.” - Terry O., Rochester, NY   

Elida's Story 

“After experiencing chronic pain throughout my body (fibromyalgia) and taking numerous medications to control the pain, I sought treatment from a DO. 

It only took two osteopathic manipulative treatments (OMT) to feel relief before the pain began to subside.  I have continued the treatments and can happily say I’m free from discomfort. An additional benefit of my treatments is the fact that I’ve actually stopped taking the majority of my medications!  

I recommend choosing a DO because of the immense pain relief I have felt and the quality of care.” - Elida M.,Corpus Christi, TX