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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

fitness-tracker.jpgLooking for a last-minute holiday gift idea? Why not give the gift of good health this year?

Jennifer Caudle, DO, an osteopathic family physician from Philadelphia, and Laura Rosch, DO, an osteopathic internist from Chicago, take an osteopathic approach to wellness by sharing gift idea suggestions based on common New Year’s resolutions for living a healthy lifestyle.

Working Out

  • Fitness Trackers/Apps – “In today’s busy world, tracking fitness and nutrition is an important part of staying in shape,” says Dr. Caudle. “Having a tracker or app allows you to have this information at your fingertips on the go.” Dr. Rosch also notes there are apps that let people create their own workouts.

  • Gym Membership – Perhaps the gift of a gym membership can provide motivation for your family and friends to get off the couch.

  • Yoga Mat/Resistance Bands – For those who prefer doing yoga at home or working out when traveling, these tools can be used anywhere. “Ease and convenience is often helpful to sticking to a routine,” Dr. Caudle says.

  • Heating Pad – This can help ease aching joints or muscle cramps on those days when people overdo it while exercising.

Eating Healthy

  • Food Savers – Help healthy foods stay fresh longer.

  • Lunch Box – One of the best ways to eat healthy at work is to bring your lunch. “Not only will bringing your lunch likely save you calories, but it will help out your wallet as well,” says Dr. Caudle.

  • Vegetable/Herb Garden – Starting a vegetable or herb garden can inspire the use of fresh foods when cooking meals at home.

  • Tea – Looking to ditch regular or diet soda but get tired of drinking water? Dr. Rosch suggests switching to tea, noting her children even like to drink the higher end quality teas without sweetener.

Rest & Relaxation

  • Black-out Curtains – Having a dark room is often critical to getting a good night's sleep. To avoid the sun waking up your loved ones before they are ready to start the day, give them black-out curtains for the bedroom.

  • Stress Busters – Apps for guided meditation and relaxation music can help beat stress. “Put it on, sit in a chair, listen to it and relax,” says Dr. Rosch. For Dr. Caudle, a gift certificate for a massage is a favorite way to relax.  


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