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Break Through Your Pain Pledge

Many office workers are living with pain because they believe it’s just a standard part of working in an office. But pain is never normal, and shouldn’t be ignored as it can create a debilitating cycle that results in chronic, or recurring pain.

Take the AOA pledge today and make a commitment to “Break Through Your Pain.” 


  • Print and sign the pledge.

  • Place the pledge on your desk at work as a reminder of the commitment you made.

  • Check off the boxes as you complete each step.

  • Share this pledge with friends and family over email and on Facebook, so they can make their own commitment to live a pain-free life.

Break Through Your Pain Pledge

I, ______________________, pledge to “Break Through My Pain” this year by following simple steps to help me effectively treat my pain and prevent future discomfort. I will no longer suffer in silence, as I deserve to live a pain-free life. Through this pledge, I will:

  • Better understand my pain by tracking what I experience in a daily Pain Journal

  • Adjust my work environment and daily habits to prevent and relieve pain. (See “At Your Desk” Makeover Tips and Pain Prevention & Productivity Primer)

  • Schedule an appointment with a physician who I can talk with about my symptoms and habits that may contribute to my pain. 

  • Develop an individualized treatment plan with my physician.

  • Track my progress over time, adjusting treatment techniques as necessary.

Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________


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