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Teen Vaccines

Concerns about vaccinations are not limited to parents of young children. In fact, while the majority of parents see the importance of making sure their children ages 13 to 17 are current on national recommendations for vaccinations, there is a significant difference between the perceived importance and whether their children are fully vaccinated, according to a recent online survey by the American Osteopathic Association.

Being concerned about health risks or allergies associated with vaccines is the top reason parents gave as to why they feel it is unimportant for their teens to be current on vaccinations. But in most cases the benefit of vaccinations outweighs the harm. Talk to your child's physician about any concerns you may have about vaccinations.


 Resources about Vaccinations

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention​
This page features information about teen vaccines, including a listing of national vaccination recommendations.
Should Your Child Be Vaccinated?
Parents often wonder if vaccines are safe and even necessary for their children. This article explores what parents need to know about vaccinating their child.
Overcoming Fear of Needles
Needlephobia, which is defined as a fear of sharp objects such as pins or needles, can cause younger patients to dread getting their vaccinations. No matter how old their child is, these tips offer parents guidance on how to ease any distress.
Shots by STFM App

The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine offers a free app, Shots by STFM, which contains the latest immunization schedules for children, teenagers and adults. The app, which is available for all smart phones, provides information available for each vaccine, including high risk indications and adverse reactions.