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AOA Board Certification

The AOA is committed to helping DOs achieve expertise in their practices with AOA board certification. The 18 AOA Specialty Certifying Boards offer you the option to earn board certification in a number of specialties and subspecialties. 


Eligibility for AOA Board Certification

  1. You are eligible and qualified to become certified on completion of your training program.

  2. Board eligible status terminates on December 31 of the sixth year after completing your training program.

  3. If you have not obtained final certification, contact your Specialty Board to petition for re-entry into the certification process. If re-entry into the certification process is granted, "board eligibility" is not re-established.

Becoming AOA Board Certified

  1. Review Frequently Asked Questions about eligibility to become certified, how the process works, and how to maintain certification.

  2. Get complete details from one of the 18 AOA Specialty Certifying Boards.

  3. Learn about the primary, special, and added certification options from the osteopathic Specialty Boards and the definitions of these types of certifications.

  4. Find dates and locations of exams offered by your specialty board or on the AOA Calendar of Events.

Certificate Time-Limiting

Each AOA Specialty Certifying Board requires an Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC) process for all  DOs with time-limited certificationsFind out when time-limiting began and the length, in years, for certification for each Board.

Certification Eligibility for ABMS Certified DOs

Learn the requirements and complete the application for ABMS certified Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.​​​​​

Proposed Changes to BOS Handbook and AOA Specialty CME Policy

Review the proposed changes.​​​