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2016-2018 CME Guide

Specific Course Credits and Limitations

The following standardized life support courses including provider, refresher and instructor levels will be awarded AOA Category 1-A CME credit up to a maximum of eight credits per CME cycle. The remainder of the credits for the standardized courses will be awarded Category 1-B CME credit up to the limits as indicated in the table below.

Online standardized courses will be awarded CME credit for the practical part only.

Course Name Provider Course Refresher Course Instructor Course​
​Advanced Trauma Life Support ​17 ​8 ​11
​Advanced Cardiac Life Support ​12 ​6 ​8
​Basic Life Support (health care provider) ​4 ​2 ​8
​Pediatric Advanced Life Support (AHA) ​14 ​8 ​9
​Advanced Pediatric Life Support (AAP) ​14 ​8 ​9
​Neonatal Advanced Life Support ​8 ​4 ​6
​Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics ​17 ​8 ​9
​Adult Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (AFCCS) ​13 8 ​13
​Pediatric Fundamentals of Critical Care Life Support (PFCCS) ​13 ​8 ​13
​Advanced HAZMAT Life Support (AHLS) ​24 ​24 ​31
​Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) ​7 ​7 ​4.5
​Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS) ​7.5 ​7.5 ​7.5
​Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS) ​15.5 ​15.5 ​4

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