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Annual AOA Research Conference

research-conference.JPGThe Council on Research directs the Annual AOA Research Conference, held each year in conjunction with the AOA Annual Osteopathic Medical Conference & Exposition (OMED). DOs, professors and osteopathic medical students present their research findings and network with other researchers who share mutual interests during didactic sessions, a full poster exhibition, and a student poster competition.


 2014 AOA Research Conference


​The 2014 AOA Research Conference was held Oct. 25-27, 2014 in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center. View conference program and presentation summaries, speaker bios and poster session information.

Conference Theme: Science in Seattle - Emergent Research Themes and Topics for Today's Osteopathic Practitioner

Description: The 2014 research conference program comprised four main themes. 

  • The first of these deals with the underrepresentation of women in biomedical and clinical research, and the compelling evidence attesting to the need for more equitable male:female ratios that, in turn, will help promote the practice of a more sound, gender-based medicine. 

  • Our second theme will investigate the developmental origins, pathogenesis and potential treatment options for autism spectrum disorders

  • The third theme focuses on the problematic issues that our medical professionals currently face in the realm of infectious diseases

  • The final session endeavors to explore recent developments that serve to further our understanding of how osteopathic manipulative treatment imparts therapeutic benefit to patients by improving neurological, musculoskeletal and immune function as well as body fluid dynamics. 

For each of these themes we have recruited a significant number of preeminent basic and clinical scientists from around the world, and they will report on their latest, cutting-edge research. It is anticipated that this comprehensive research program will offer new insight and provide a newfound appreciation for the intrinsic processes that promote normal development, determine an individual’s ability to maintain well-being and respond to various types of medicinal interventions, and how this information might be translated into more gender-specific pharmaceutical and osteopathic manipulative therapies.